Sandbox provides operational analysis and systems engineering technical support and consultancy to facilitate capability development and sustainment.

Operational Analysis

Sandbox personnel have provided operational analysis support to a wide range of MoD and Industry clients. The methods and models used have enabled the assessment of force structures and doctrinal concepts to be carried out. We have evaluated the contribution of various technology options to operational effectiveness, aiding decisions on research and development, system developments and acquisition matters. Our firm understanding of the character and sources of evidence, and how it may be developed using appropriate methodologies, have enabled us to support MoD clients with analytical policy decisions. We have applied analysis principles to help MoD clients gain a better understanding of the complex adaptive systems frequently found in Defence.

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Systems Engineering & Programme Support

Sandbox has provided systems engineering and programme & project management support across a range of tasks. Our personnel have expertise in systems thinking and the design and analysis of systems of systems. We have supported a wide variety of requirements engineering activities and architecting alternative capability realisations and assessments. Our extensive pan-DLOD experience includes the development and evaluation of CONEMPs and support to Balance of Investment studies. We have developed Blueprints for a number of system of system capabilities for NATO in particular.

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